About the comic:

About the comic:

The Quest of Casey Tailor is a fantasy adventure comic about fae folk, kidnapping, princes, changelings, and family.
Casey lives an idyllic life, he loves his family, they are well off. Unfortunately, it doesn't last when his sister is kidnapped by a mysterious fairy. Casey runs off on a journey to get her back safe and sound, along the way he meets new friends and foes and is forced to face some hidden truths.

Updates Wednesdays.

Warning for slight blood and fantasy violence.

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About the author:

Kaija is an airhead, a nerd, but mostly an artist, she makes comics and pottery, used to make animations, maybe she'll do that again someday.


About the setting:
A fantasy world that is not that dissimilar to ours if a couple of centuries behind, except, it is connected to a realm of fey, humanoid creatures that are immortal and filled with magic. True fey live in the Immortal Realm, they can come and go as they please but if they have children outside of the realm the children are limited in their magic and are not immortal. Those children are called of fey blood, or fairies. Humans can also harness magic with the help of blood stones, gems from the immortal realm that are filled with magic, they can also use pre-enchanted gold items. Gold is very receptive to magic. Silver repels most magic but that makes it even better to enchant for spell-breakers or wards. When silver is combined with Iron it makes cold iron, something about the combination creates a reaction in true fey and fairies that burns them. There are also other, less sapient, creatures that reside in the Immortal Relm, the biggest ones are called monsters and sometimes they sneak out.
Casey lives in West Laiten a nice town inside the kingdom of Glassia which the Queen has been ruling peacefully for decades. There have been issues, like the tension from/toward the fairy residents especially in the last 22 years as the push and pull of rumors about the middle prince